Honeywell霍尼韦尔 MultiPro便携式四合一气体检测仪
Honeywell霍尼韦尔 MultiPro便携式四合一气体检测仪
品牌: Honeywell霍尼韦尔
种类: 单一可燃气体检测仪(燃气报警器)
检测原理: 电化学
测量气体: 毒气






MultiProTM is packed with features and offered at a price you won’t believe. Real time readings of up to four gases simultaneously, one button operation and calibration, easy-to-read LCD display, audible and visual alarms, event logger, IrDA port, optional sample draw pump, rugged, compact and affordable — Biosystems’ new MultiProTM Confined Space Gas Detector does it all. And MultiPro can be configured for your needs. Three sensors and up to four channels let you monitor O2, LEL, and either CO or H2S, or using Biosystems’ innovative Duo-Tox dual channel sensor, measure CO and H2S simultaneously. Biosystems’ Duo-Tox is actually two toxic gas sensors in a single sensor housing, giving you four channels of direct detection in the space of three — without cross interference.
Plus, MultiProTM is built tough. Ruggedly constructed of an engineered polycarbonate with a rubber overmold, MultiPro goes where you go, and back. Interchangeable Alkaline (3 AA) and Li-Ion battery packs, an optional sample draw pump, and a range of accessories make MultiPro the most versatile and most affordable gas detector on the market today.





 设计 智能传感器和标定 
 • 简洁防滑  • 三传感器。氧气,LEL以及Duo-Tox双通道CO / H2S传感器
 • 单键操作  • 可更换型传感器
 • 背景灯显示方便读数  • 单键操作自动标定
 • 超模压保护罩  • 标定提醒
 • IPX5防水等级  • 标定过程中可以通过传感器量程指示进行预测性维护
 可选采样泵  电池
 • 软件控制 • 碱性电池盒和充电电池盒可以相互更换 
 • MultiPro 电池供电  • 最长使用时间可达24小时
 • 自动低流量报警  • 插入式充电器
 • 每次使用前自动泄露测试  • 充电时间少于5个小时
 • 自动事件记录(20个事件,包括传感器类型,最大值,平均值,时间和持久性)  
 • 黑匣子记录器可记录40小时数据  
 • 可选的数据记录器可以更加方便的将数据导入电脑  





 • Compact and rugged. • Three sensors. O2,LEL and up to two toxic channels using Biosystems’Duo-Tox two channel CO/H2S sensor. 
 • One button operation.  • User replaceable sensors.
 • Easy to read front mounted backlit display.  • One button auto calibration.
 • Over-molded boot.  • Calibration due reminder.
 • Meets IPX5 standard.  • Sensor span reserve indicators during calibration for predictive maintenance.
 • Software controlled pump. • Interchangeable alkaline or rechargeable (Li-Ion) versions. 
 • Powered by the MultiPro battery  • Up to 24 hours run time depending on battery type.
 • Automatic low flow alarm.  • Drop-in charger.
 • Automatic leak test before every use.  • Recharges in less than 5 hours.
 • Automatic event logger (20 events,including sensor type, max, average,time and duration).  
 • Black-Box recorder with over 40 hours of storage.  
 • Available with optional datalogging for convenient and easy downloading to a computer.  


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